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Lee Admiraal

Lee Admiraal is an adroit business executive at Synergi, an award-winning turnkey specialist in handrail, decorative glass, and metal elements. The company offers custom services and products to a variety of high-profile clients in multiple building & property markets, particularly within the Washington, D.C. area. In his role as Executive Vice President, Lee Admiraal specializes in the retail shopping mall property market.

Over the 30+ years of Synergi’s continuous operation, the company has delivered turnkey projects to meet the complex, architectural design-critical glass and metal scopes of some of the most iconic shopping centers in the United States.

As an executive member of the Synergi team, Lee Admiraal focuses on revitalizing and renovating shopping centers in multifaceted high-value projects — all held to the same exceptional standard and quality as the ones above.

The company provides sleek transformations of glass handrails in malls that are not only aesthetically clean and bright, but seamlessly meet the highest safety regulations and business codes. What particularly sets Synergi above the rest is the company’s devotion to quietly and efficiently completing construction projects overnight, so that there are no inconveniences or disruptions in customers’ shopping experiences.

Synergi Global Shopping Mall Projects
  • Mall of America (complete North Garden Revitalization Project), Bloomington, MN
  • Roosevelt Field, East Garden City, NY
  • Westfield Montgomery Mall, Bethesda, MD
  • Beverly Center, Los Angeles, CA
  • Charleston Town Center Mall, Charleston, VA
  • Springfield Mall (renovation), Springfield, VA

A Changing Retail Landscape

In today’s world, which is increasingly reliant on e-commerce for commercial projects and transactions, it is more important than ever that shopping centers prove their quality not only through their services, but through their appearances. Clean, revitalized, and enticing spaces that are aesthetically modern and pleasing, as well as intuitive and functional, influence the millions of customers who populate them daily — and solidify the role of shopping centers in the ever-changing world of commercial retail.

Lee Admiraal is a member of the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), the global trade association of the shopping center industry, which was founded in 1957. He consistently follows insights and updates released through the association so that he can stay up-to-date on new research. Lee also attends industry events, such as the “Development, Redevelopment and Mixed Use Concepts” session and the “Leasing Principles for Emerging Professionals” workshop, both of which took place in 2016.

This blog will deliver insights on the evolving retail shopping center property market, seen through the eyes of a seasoned professional.