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Perhaps more than any other stationary structure, stair systems enable us to move quickly and safely from place to place. We rely on stairs to access the potential of almost every setting; a well-placed stair allows us to utilize all available space, regardless of its height or depth. Stairs are the cornerstone of many of our everyday activities, therefore it’s important that contractors working on stair projects guarantee top quality craftsmanship and trouble-free construction.

Trouble-Free Installation

Without stairs, passage between floors can be difficult, so projects that involve installing or renovating stairways may cause a fair bit of inconvenience. Retail stores, office buildings; even outdoor public spaces: these locations in which people live, work and interact daily may limit or restrict access throughout construction. Efficiency is therefore a key quality of any good contractor; the best contractors maximize efforts within a considerate timeframe to avoid causing unnecessary disruption.

Synergi LLC, , offers ultimate convenience when it comes to installation. Our goal is to work closely with customers to best facilitate unique situations. We take care to minimize any interruption to business and keep your operations moving on schedule; our stair and railing systems are pre-engineered to accommodate a timeframe with close to zero disruptions. For some projects we even provide the option for overnight installation, where customers can return the following morning to continue business as usual in a transformed environment.

Quality Craftsmanship

A well-built staircase safeguards against injury due to poor architecture; it follows OSHA codes and local zoning regulations, and is designed to ensure both style and ease of traversal. Safety measures such as anti-slip treads and nosing make traveling stairs safer. At Synergi, your safety is our priority. Our pre-engineered systems are designed to meet structural safety regulations in any situation, while also preserving the flexibility of a custom model. We understand how impactful style and tastefulness can be, and our railing and stair systems can be adapted to fit any aesthetic preference.

All projects present a distinct set of challenges and opportunities, but quality and time-considerate construction are required of any stair installation. For more information about how Synergi can meet your needs, visit our website.